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3D Printing Kuwait

SWBAC Filament

3D printing in Kuwait have been increasing since 2018. The demand is still growing where almost all of the society have engaged. At the beginning male at Mid-age range where the ones who visited SWbAC store. Today SWbAC is dealing with kids at the ages 11-12 years old and female. The engagement shows that the people living in Kuwait are being interested in 3D printing such all other countries. The article will cover where 3D printers can be purchased in Kuwait, repaired, finding replacement parts and filament.

3D Printing Store

SWbAC store have variety of 3D printers at the beginning SWbAC offered Creality printers and mainly focused on ender 3, ender 3 pro, ender 3 V2 and CR 10 Smart. Also Easythreed K1 3D printers were offered and Twotress 3D printers did. However, as a store SWbAC maintained to provide the costumers best quality printers with affordable price.

The mentioned 3D printers some of them can be described as not recommended at all and others were “OK”. The one that SWbAC store doesn’t recommend at all is the EasyThreed due to hard operation such as: uploading new files to the SD card, choosing the file to on the printer, lagging when trying to upload new file, which made SWbAC stops providing such printers. Regarding Creality 3D printers massive upgrades were required to reach a good printing on the long term. Examples of upgrades, replacing the extruder to metal or dual since the plastic on the ender (3, 3 pro, 3 V2) was easy to be broken or to reach better printing quality a dual is required. Bed leveling is missing on the ender series and a basic hot end is used, which all requires upgrades or adding to reach a good 3D printing. Lastly, filament runout sensor needs to be added and many low quality plastic was used, which made many costumers come back to us since they’ve broken it by mistake. In terms of the last 3D printer, which is Twotrees that was being sold in SWbAC store, the Bluer 3 V2 was tested and it had load noise and it can be compared to the ender 3V. Bluer 3 V2 pros over ender 3 V2 are, auto detection filament runout, WIFI can be added to the same motherboard (PCB), and a dual extruder is placed while Ender 3 V2 don’t include any of these.

Now bigger 3D printer (300mmx300mm) can be introduced since SWbAC was selling them in the store and practiced their issues. CR 10 Smart at the beginning it looked wonderful with great features, but yet after couple printing the issues were coming popping up. One of the Issues was the extruder, which was also plastic, but this time covered and trying to get into it to replace the brass and checking anything was just a headache. So, the new extruder didn’t improve the extruding system as their latest 3D printer. The filament detector was working as required so they’ve passed this test. A good step was to use the weight sensor for bed leveling that made improvement to Creality 3D printers. However, it was hard for many customers to use as the menu was mess leading for a beginner. Can it be called smart, somehow yes, yet there are annoying features were added and good ones were removed. For instance to upgrade the software the motherboard needs to be upgraded separately from the screen, which required more time. Controlling the number of steps is no more a feature that can be done using the screen it either can be by Slicing software such Cura or connecting the motherboard to the computer and change it, which took off some points the company had been popular with (Flexibility). Same issue was faced regarding the extruder so it needed to be replaced with metal one to function for longer period. The second 3D printer with the bigger size was Bluer 5, which had better parts than the ender such as PEI bed Sheet, dual extruder, metal covers and cheaper price. However, the screen was lagging some times that required switching it off and on again. If the error is face just double check the screen wiring.

Overall, SWbAC store stopped providing the mentioned 3D printers to the customers because of the discussed cons. On the other hand, customer are still looking for 3D printers in Kuwait so, SWbAC provided Prusa i3 MK3S +, which is the best awarded printer for the previous couple years. The main disadvantage of it, is the cost. Soon SWbAC will provide a 3D printer that can be compared to Prusa with the same prices of Creality and Twotrees (Stay tuned! ).

Repairing 3D Printer in Kuwait

3D printers can be repaired in Kuwait by SWbAC store, which have great knowledge and fixed many 3D printers. Also, replacement parts are available in SWbAC store. So, whenever your 3D printer is broken or has an issue don’t panic SWbAC store is here to help you.

Filament in Kuwait

Filament is available worldwide some of them with good quality and others are ready to get your 3D printer broken. Choosing the right filament is necessary to reach good printing results and let your 3D printer functions. However, shipping a filament is expensive and not all filaments are recommended. So, SWbAC comes again to safe your money, protect your 3D printer, and ensures best printing results, by providing SWbAC filament with +103 types that have different colors and materials.

In brief, if you are looking to buy, repair, purchase replacement parts or filament 3D printer, SWbAC is the best direction in Kuwait. SWbAc also provides many resources, researches, course and online store for 3D printing.

Happy printing



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