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About Us

SWbAC is an educational programming center, which aims to increase the technical knowledge by teaching courses about programming, designing, and building. The provided courses are multilevel, which starts with level one for beginners that focuses on basic coding theory and robotics using Arduino software. Second level introduces the concept of 3D printing and long distance controlling (WIFI). For third, fourth, and fifth levels are yet to publish them, but SWbAC is always ready to introduce the base of making your idea to reality. Joining SWbAC will not only teach you, but it will ensure that you build your own project at each level because we believe that your creativity is unlimited.     

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Our Vision
SWbAC aims to increase the knowledge in the new tech world and assisting individuals to believe in their unlimited abilities.

The courses are provided for all ages starting with kids, who are responsible for our future, to the seniors, who mostly feel that they’re behind and their ability are limited to catch-up with the new generation. The store fills the gap between learning and the availability of components.

Our Mission
Education can't be more important than today's, normal schooling method helps in knowing the basics. Yet, not finding an interesting topic to be educated in will reduce the ability of finding a job in the future. Robots modified with AI are replacing basics jobs and our mission is to keep your income ensured or to let you build that robot.

Even if robots have the ability to build another robot, SWbAC will ensure that you can control them. 

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