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Do Kids Need to Learn Robotics?

Robots is a name that we all have heard about, seen, yet there is a new generation that would change our life. Similar to the revolution on the mid of 20th century especially in terms of technology that included TV, mobile phones, computers etc. Robotics and machine learning are the new technology in the 21st century it started to take a place in our houses instead of having them only in factories. Kids knowing about robotics will let them engage in the future with the new technology, having the ability of controlling and building a robot as easy as playing a video game, and never feel behind, which happened to many parents when the internet came out.

Kids are full of energy and they’re always looking for a path to use it in, but it must maintain the joy. If you ever watched a kid no matter to the place he/she is in, you will find them playing without looking into the other factors because this is what makes a kid .. a kid. Being a parent requires to assist your kid to have the best future that you dreamed of yet better than what you own. The future is unknown for us, but we can look around and try to find what’s it could be. Robotics started to take human jobs and the future is following this path due to the impressive features robots provide. Some examples to make the image clear can be divided into factories, governments, families point of view. The factories or businesses are taking this direction due to many reasons such as the following:

  • Saving money: Robots don’t need a salary
  • Reliability: Robots will avoid human mistakes while ensuring to get the job done at the specified time
  • Timing: Robots will never be late at work due to traffic, they needed to drop off their kids etc.
  • Holidays: Robots don’t need to take a break because they are sick, need to travel or have a weekend break.

In term of governments, robots and their new brains, which is named machine learning is assisting in maintaining the safety, decreasing the traffic, finishing citizen paper works within the least time and better results. For families we have started to see smart vacuums and many other smart home devices. There are defiantly pros and cons for each technology, but this time it doesn’t depend only on the user, but on the manufacturer as well. We are at the beginning of the new technology as parents we can ignore them, but for the kids who will live with theses features in their daily life it have been a mandatory to learn about them.

The method of teaching a kid about robotics isn’t an easy task and it must be full of joy where they’re learning as they are playing. The disadvantages of them must not be included in the lecture because kids needs to always feel safe, happy, and enjoy their day without having a fear of something. The time will come for each kid to understand the negative side of robots, but at that time he/she can handle controlling the robot instead of the robot to control them.

There are many concerns about robotics and their ability of thinking as humans on the other hand they’re not humans and they’re missing the feelings. In brief, letting your kid learn about robotics has became necessary for the future and it will make you impressed by the abilities they have when they build their own, which definitely as parent or a teacher will make you proud about their accomplishments.

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