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16X2 LCD 1602 Display

3.000 د.ك

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Pin 1: VSS is the ground power supply
Pin 2: Connect VDD to 3.3V positive power supply
Pin 3: V0 is the contrast adjustment terminal of the LCD. The contrast is the weakest when connected to the positive power supply. The contrast is the highest when the power supply is connected to the ground. If the contrast is too high, a “ghost” will occur. When using it, the contrast can be adjusted by a 10K potentiometer
Pin 4: RS is the register selection, the data register is selected when the level is high, and the instruction register is selected when the level is low.
Pin 5: R / W is the read-write signal line, read operation when high level, write operation when low level. When RS and RW are low together, you can write instructions or display addresses, when RS is low, RW is high, you can read the busy signal, when RS is high, RW is low, you can write data.
Pin 6: The E terminal is the enable terminal. When the E terminal changes from high level to low level, the LCD module executes the command.
Pins 7 to 14: D0 to D7 are 8-bit bidirectional data lines.
Pin 15: Positive backlight power supply

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 5.334 × 2.54 × 1.778 cm


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