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3D Printing Course

75.000 د.ك115.000 د.ك

Ages Date Days Time
6-9 19/12/2022-11/01/2023 Monday Wednesday  3:00-4:30
10-13 19/12/2022-11/01/2023 Monday Wednesday  4:45-6:15
14-17 19/12/2022-11/01/2023 Monday Wednesday  7:15-8:45


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The course focuses on teaching designing and 3D Printing, which is divided into four weeks for all ages starting from 6 years old. Each class have maximum number of six students to ensure the learning.


First Week:

  • The answer for the big question “What is 3D Printintg?”
  • Download the softwares.
  • Start designing simple components.

Second Week:

  • Take forward steps in designing and 3D printer efficiency.
  • Begin designing in a smart and time saving method.

Third  Week:

  • Expert modeling and 3D printing.
  • Find ready to be printed designs.

Fourth Week:

  • Introduction to mechanical engineering
  • Gear designing to print everything in the world.

Sign up now the seats are limited. The course is provided for all ages our oldest student who finished the course is 52 years old and the youngest is 9 years old.

Choose your age range and the kit will be sent to you right the way.


6-9 Date: Dec 19-Jan 11, 10-13 Date: Dec 19-Jan 11, 14-17 Date: Dec 19-Jan 11


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