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Atomstack Extending Parts

0.000 د.ك

We extended Atomstack X20 Laser CNC

Required Parts:

  • 2x 2040 aluminum extrusion cut to the desired Length
  • 1 smooth rod used for driving the belt on X-Axis cut to length after assembling extended X-Axis
  • 1x M4 T-nut
  • Printed Parts for relocating the X and Y end stops (as it was hard for us to make screw holes with thread for them)
  • Printed Part for enlargening the end stop clicker for Y-axis
  • Extension wires for motors and end stops


  • Cut the aluminum extrusion to desired length + 200mm, if you want 1000mm work area cut the aluminum to 1200mm length.
  • Copy all the screw holes locations, you can use the original frame as a guide to help with alignment.
  • Thread the end of the aluminum and start assembly of the frame
  • After the full assembly is done relocate the end stops so the laser reaches the full work area
  • Rewire all components with new wiring or if available wire extenders


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