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You Have Reached the Best 3D Printer Store in Kuwait

Choose wisely

Let SWbAC assist you to find your best choice of 3D Printer



Plug & Play


If you are looking for 3D Printer for one of the following:

  1. Dental
  2. Jewelry
  3. Figures

You’re an engineer or intrested in upgrading your 3D printer instead of replacing it to follow up with the most recent update.

If you’re looking for a 3D Printer that works efficiently, gives you best quality and most updated in terms of hardware and software.

If you want to start 3D Printing and not sure where to start with a reasonable budget. 

about Us

Hello, we are SWbAC, your first step to be an inventor. We believe that learning by assembly is the modern educational method. Thus, our courses will ensure that you build, while learning you make mistakes and have questions, which are to be answered and corrected right the way.


You're few steps away from transferring your idea to reality join us now.


If you are satisfied with your knowledge, we believe in you and your ability. So, we provide our store to assist you in building your project.


Largest workshop that fixed and upgraded +400 3D Printers. Sometimes you're too busy to build your project and fix your broken items. Because we value your time, our workshop can assist you in designing your project and repair your parts.


Reading is important to reach your goal, which means new resources are needed, thus we provide them for you.

SWbAC Filament for 3D Printer

SWbAC filament have been made with care to assist you in reaching the finest print. Without the availability of high quality  ensured filament, 3D printing can’t get your project anywhere. Thus, SWbAC filament came out after intensive research and testing to maintain reaching more than the expected results with affordable cost.   

Build it!

Build it! is made for you  to make projects fun and easy.

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